2020 Mid-Year Resolutions, Intentions, and Goals

2020 has been one crazy year. From the fires in Australia, a global pandemic, the appearance of murder hornets, and the riots in America, this year has been full of surprises. Half the year is gone and all the crazy events that have happened has definitely altered everyone’s initial game plan for the year. Many of those new year’s resolutions, intentions, or goals that you set at the beginning of the have been long forgotten.

If this last line speaks to you, I want you to know that it’s not too late to make a change and work toward getting back on track to accomplish everything you hoped to to complete this year. Although the mid-year isn’t as exciting and celebrated like a new year, it’s still a great time to take a step back to reflect on your year and come up with a game plan for the rest of the year.

What is a Resolution, Intention, and Goal?

The best place to start is defining the key terms we’ll be looking at: According to Merriam Webster:

  • Resolution: A firm decision to do or not to do something
  • Intention: A determination to act in a certain way
  • Goal: The object of a person’s ambition or effort; an aim or desired result

Still a little confused? Let’s give these terms a little more context. If we pay closer attention, it sounds like a resolution is like an on or off switch whereas an intention is a type of behavior and a goal is something you work towards with actionable steps that leads to an end state.

Example of a Resolution, Intention, and Goal

At the beginning of the year, a majority of people want to lose weight and be healthier. Since it is the most common scenario, let’s see how we can form this a resolution, intention, or goal.

  • Resolution: I will lose weight.
  • Intention: I will become health conscious and a fitness enthusiast.
  • Goal: I will work out 3 times a week and have less than 50 grams of carbohydrates every day to lose 10 lbs.

When to use a resolution, intention, or goal?

In the case of losing weight, both an intention and goal make sense. An intention will help you develop a habit and that habit will help you reach your goal by following a list of actionable items. Resolutions make sense when there isn’t an end state in mind, like I want to take more vacations or travel more.

What are some mid-year resolutions, intentions, and goals of the Female Framework team?

Now that you have a better understanding of what’s the difference between a resolution, intention, and goal is, the Female Framework team would love to share some of theirs with you.


  • Health: I will take a walk for 30 minutes in the evening every day to lose weight.
  • Career: I will study for at least 30 minutes every day to learn AWS and get certified.
  • Personal Development: I will read or listen to a podcast for at least 20 minutes every day.
  • Family + Friends: I will schedule at least 2 video calls per week to stay connected.
  • Female Framework: I will write at least 1 article per week for the blog and post at least 3 times a week on Instagram.


  • Health: I will exercise 30 minutes daily and eat less than 25 grams of sugar daily to lose 15 lbs.
  • Career: I will demonstrate my leadership capabilities in order to get a promotion.
  • Personal Development: I will read at least 15 minutes daily to add a positive habit into my life.
  • Family + Friends: I will schedule game and movie nights to stay connected and present in my family and friend’s lives.
  • Female Framework: I will work on marketing strategies to grow the platform’s community and gain 50 new followers each month on Instagram.


  • Health: I will workout 3x a week by either running 2 miles or doing a Chloe Ting video.
  • Personal Development: I will do one project a week that feeds my soul.
  • Family + Friends: I will talk to at least one person I’m not quarantined with a day.
  • Female Framework: I will create at least 2 posts on any platform that will require me to use my graphic design skills.


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